Flat Buttocks

Round buttocks are attractive and healthy. Rounded buttocks speak of fitness and strength of the gluteal muscles. These muscles are involved in the formation of posture, prevent back pain and radiating pain in the legs.

Treatment methods recommended to deal with this problem:


How it works:

EMSCULPT generates electromagnetic energy that causes powerful muscle contractions. These "super-maximal contractions" are more effective than those done in the gym. One 30-minute EMSCULPT treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 lunges, curls or squats. If you squat 50 times during training, then you need 400 days of training to achieve the same result in half an hour using this machine. A series of 10 treatments results in muscle gains normally unattainable in training and weight loss of up to 10%.

The tissues begin to even out after 5 treatments and the maximum result is visible after 10.

Recommended for:
People living an active lifestyle and striving to improve body contours. Suitable for adults of all ages.

Not recommended for:
People with skin diseases in the area to be
treated. People with inflammatory, rheumatic and muscle

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